Our mission

Provide an innovative, cost effective and quality energy solutions to everyone.


Local Manufacturer, Global Standards


With a mission of providing an innovative, cost effective and quality energy solutions comes the responsibility to deliver on our promises by going all the way to insure our products are of global standards.

We believe solar energy in Egypt is currently on the rise due to the adequate sunshine (up to 7 hours per day), political support by the government, the rising energy demand and other circumstances that led businesses and households to turn to solar as one of their clean energy options.

With the rise in demand, supply of quality solar solutions still lacks in Egypt and the region. Therefore Global Techniques for Energy strives to be a trustworthy manufacturer and installer providing innovative, cost effective and quality energy solution to everyone.


It’s about bringing back quality to our products

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A true Egyptian quality

At Global Techniques for Energy we believe that clean forms of energy should be provided and in doing so, we try to provide a locally manufactured solution that is of high quality and reasonable price

When mentioning Egyptian products, we often tend to steer away without knowing that it could really hurt our currency and economy as a consequence. Well, rest assured that we’re doing our fair share of work to bring about a quality product that could prove you actually don’t have to look abroad when considering solar solutions